First shoot of 2010 - downtown Jacksonville

_MG_2666 2010 has come quickly along with some frigid weather. As I am typically looking for excuses not to get out the door, the cold weather was not helping. On Sunday my good friend from Scotland, Clifton Mair arrived and he was excited to head downtown for some urban landscapes. I met Cliff last year at John Paul Caponigro's Next Step Workshop. I would give you a link to Cliff's exceptional work but he does not have a site...yet (did you read this Cliff?). We headed downtown to the Southbank Riverwalk and the river was calm. As the sun set we headed back across the Main Street Bridge. I was struggling with my tripod on the bridge and didn't realize that at 5:30 there is a continuous stream of traffic crossing the span vibrating everything. I saw Cliff handholding and wondered what he was doing. I should have taken his lead and tried some long exposures with the lights. Next time. That's why it is always a benefit to get out with a friend so that you can share techniques and ideas. We tend to work alone on personal stuff and that keeps you doing the same things over and over. Resolutions: hang out with your friends, learn from others, try something new.

Landing lights