Art for healing at the Shands Cancer Center

In September several of my images were selected by Fogle Fine Art for placement in the new Shands Cancer Center in Gainesville. Today Dorian and I visited the facility to see the installed work. We were met and escorted by Tina Mullen of the Shands Arts in Medicine program, a very progressive and innovative resource that works directly with patients using art as an integral component to healing. The building opened on Nov 1 and is a gorgeous state of the art facility with some incredible art placed throughout the public spaces and in the individual patient rooms. Over 400 pieces were selected, which included photography from employees and local artists. It was obvious that a lot of care and consideration went into the choice and placement of each piece.


This project increased my awareness of extensive research linking the physical environment in hospitals and places of healing to the well being of patients. It has been shown conclusively that healing is positively influenced by what you see, and that images of nature are effective in creating nurturing environments. I am proud to contribute to such an outstanding institution and knowing that my images could bring comfort and peace to those who need to be healed.