First shoot of the year

Amaryllis_2011-0101_012  Amaryllis_2011-0101_025

My new tradition is to do a photo shoot on New Year's Day. This year the Costco amaryllis decided to have a color explosion on New Years, so why not start the year with some flower photography? Finding some compelling views is a challenge. It is always tempting to just dive in with your macro lens where everything is amazing just because you've never seen your subject so big. I also enjoyputting an extension tube on my 70-200 and staying a bit further away from my subject. I set up my Wescott Spiderlites, a large softbox in the back for the white background and a smaller softbox at 45-90 degrees to the flowers. I ended up working with these for about 90 minutes, then I found myself taking the same shots. What a fun way to spend a few hours on New Years Day!

 Amaryllis_2011-0101_024  Amaryllis_2011-0101_064

Amaryllis_2011-0101_054  Amaryllis_2011-0101_043  Amaryllis_2011-0101_044