Fogle Artist

fogle It's official, I am now being represented by Fogle Fine Art and Consulting here in NE FL. This is something that has been in the works and I am very proud to be one of the many outstanding artists in this group. Check out my Artist Profile on their website. Fogle Fine Art is the leading art gallery in Jacksonville. My introduction actually came through Facebook, when a high school classmate told me about a Fogle Fan Page request for photography at the new Shands Cancer Hospital in Gainesville. I submitted several images that were selected. This was a good introduction to see my other work and to produce some images of downtown Jacksonville for their corporate collection. Fogle is also an art consultant to healthcare, corporate, hospitality, and residential clients. I'm looking forward to having a strong business partner who can represent my work in several markets.

I will still be active at the Southlight Gallery Cooperative where I plan to show new work to the public. This provides another avenue for me to talk to other artists and the public about my work. Self promotion is every artist's responsibility. In order to sell a product, people need to know that you exist and the type of work that you do. No one is going to "discover" you if you sit in your studio all day.

More news about some exciting events are forthcoming!