Looking up at live oaks

Another "no fog" day out here on Hecksher Drive. I think someone needs to send our local weatherman back to school. He went on for 3 minutes about being socked in with dense fog and having to wait until mid-morning before it will clear. This morning there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Go figure. I made the best of the morning and headed back to Ft. George Island to walk one of the trails near the Kingsley Plantation. Since it was still early morning the sun wasn't bad for some tree canopy shooting. This is where you shoot straight up from the trail, using an "L" finder to save your neck. The last time I tried this it was drizzling and I didn't realize water droplets were covering my lens. Usually you can silhouette the branches and try to catch some color in the leaves. I was also trying to capture the Spanish moss hanging from the branches.

I find it fascinating to view tress like this. Maybe it's because we are not used to this angle, and everything looks different. Notice how each branch of leaves seems to give each other "space", and how the branches keep subdividing. The clear sky takes out all the distracting background.

Live oaks are one of the most charismatic trees around. I find the gestures of the trunks and branches to be very human-like, and the visual complexity of their forms are mind boggling. One of my favorite subjects for sure.