Help-portrait, giving not taking pictures

help-portraitYesterday Dorian and I took part in a global project called Help-Portrait. We made our small contribution to the work of over 3000 other photographers providing portraits to those in need. It was a humbling and joyful experience. This story was covered on CBS Nightly News and CNN.

Special thanks to Mark Landschoot, Executive Director, Family Promise of Jacksonville for all he has done to make Jacksonville a better place for all to live:

For more about the project Help Portrait, please visit


Thank you Christine, Bruce, Rachel, Michael, Daronya, Samera, Brandon, Darius, Booker, James, Mike, Amanda, Michael, Michael’s Grandma, Mike, Rebecca, Mathew, Lea, Hannah, Stacey, Saul, Sasha, Trinity, Makenna, for sharing your smiles with us yesterday. It was a great pleasure meeting all of you and we wish you peace and happiness throughout the holiday and beyond. Your courage and spirit is inspiring to all.