In the shadow of giants

Today I was going through the book Regarding the Land by Robert Glenn Ketchum ( I was fortunate enough to meet Robert at the NANPA Summit in Palm Springs and he was autographing his books. Looking at his career and work I sit completely dumbfounded and numb. There are some people who found their calling early, and exercised their talents to the max. I look at myself as a photographer and am completely intimidated by some of these people. I am inspired but I also begin to question my own directions and accomplishments in life and career. Not that I have anything to complain about, but it leads to an interesting self-evaluation. Sometimes my goals as a photographer wanna-be change, depending on where I think I am in life. Many times the spirit of my younger years takes over, and I envision great things in the future. Other times my aspirations are more modest, as I savor the enjoyments of just being able to express myself through my camera, to whatever limited audience I manage to muster. Ultimately we have to satisfy ourselves in the balance of what we have to do and what we feel we must do. We can't change our past, we can only decide what we can do now, at this very moment. It's good to receive motivation to push farther, higher, and harder towards our goals. It's also good to just give thanks for who and what we are right now.

So Robert, today I thank you for your book and sharing your creative view of the world.