Learning from LensWork

This is my first entry into this blog. At least for now. I carry a small notebook around that I scribble to-dos and daily notes, and decided this would be a much better way to document my journey and share it with others. There is a very cool publication I receive, it is called LensWork http://www.lenswork.com/ and is available in printed form or in an extended edition on CD. What's quite remarkable about this and other publications is that you can start linking from any article and find vast amounts of information. This is what makes the Web so wonderful but also manages to chew up a lot of time and sleep. I'll be documenting a few very pertinant links to sites that I have found from this publication that are inspiring and useful to me.

In LensWork extended #70, Brooks Jenson (the publisher) interviewed Mary Virginia Swanson, who is quite famous as a resource for fine art photographers who are marketing their work. I immediately went to her site and her blog http://www.mvswanson.com/ and ordered her book The Business of Photography. I think anyone who is interested in selling their fine art photography should read this book and visit this site. I'll have more to say on the book as I make my way through it.