Submission for NANPA Expressions

I selected and uploaded 10 images for the NANPA Expressions publication ( It is always difficult to select ones own work, as there are so many factors that manage to rumble through your head. I always feel that the images I like the most represent concepts that I am interested in, but do not always translate to a superior image. But when I ask for confirmation from Dorian or others, I receive the "I don't get it" type of reaction. It is only with the passage of time that I look at these "favorites" and go, "what was I thinking?"

Images that are deeply personal in nature are usually not the ones that interest other people. At this point in my capability, I need to express something very direct, graphic, and simple. Then I am sure I will be able to progress to something more complex. In the same way I have a hard time understanding many of the contemporary "fine art" pieces...I'm just not there yet. Now landscape and nature photography I can relate to, but pictures of someones backside sitting in an empty room...I don't get it. So that's where I am right now.

The other interesting exercise is naming your images. Coming up with a title is not a trivial exercise. Tree Number 1 is a good start. But it's like naming a book or article, you want to be descriptive, creative, and somehow capture the spirit of the image. The title is as important as anything else, so going with Untitled 128 is not fair. Most of the stuff I come up with sounds corny, but it's the best I can do at this time.  As an exercise here are the titles and images and you can match them up. See if you can figure out what this crazy person was thinking.

Urban Spring Autumn in Motion Among the Grasses Approaching Storm 102 Eyes Mono Lake Moonrise Fern in Repose Foley Beach Sunrise Frozen Reverse Kings Canyon Sunset Raquette Lake Serenity Three Lotus Leaves