Lego Architecture and more

National Building Museum - View from the Metro Station  National Building Museum - interior

Our second trip downtown took us to the National Building Museum for an exhibit on Palladio. We studied Palladio and his villas in our Architectural History classes, at least the classes that we stayed awake in. When we arrived we were excited that the Lego Architecture exhibit was still available to see. So it looked like our day was already filled. The Museum is on F Street right across the street from the Judiciary Square Metro station, and was originally the Pension Building. It is quite a remarkable structure.

Lego Architecture  Lego Architecture 

I couldn't wait to see the Lego exhibit so we headed there first. I'm sorry I did not lug my tripod along. It's tough handholding for shots that you know will need to be extra sharp and a decent depth of field. I shot at ISO 1250, 1/125 at f/10. The results were ok, but the tripod would have made this easy. Next time. The Lego models were all of famous skyscrapers and very well done. Luckily the exhibit hall was fairly empty so I could take my time.

Lego Architecture   Lego Architecture   Lego Architecture

No photos were allowed in the Palladio exhibit. There were rooms full of original drawings and some historical models. It was fascinating to see the drawings which were meticulously executed. Most of these materials were from British museums and collections. During their colonial period many of the antiquities were plundered by the British, but at least we have them to see and enjoy.

Kogod Courtyard CeilingAfter a quick bite at the snack counter we headed next door to the American Art Museum and the American Portrait Gallery to see an exhibit of Norman Rockwell paintings owned by Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. There was also an exhibit on Remembering Running Fence, the 24 mile  temporary sculpture by Christo. The most impressive view in the museum though was the ceiling in the Kogod Courtyard...remarkable. Washington DC is a very neat place and I wish we had more time to explore.