An evening at the National Mall

On the occasion of attending a wedding in Washington DC, we made 2 trips to the Mall to check out the sites. It's tough to cover the National Mall in a few hours, so we decided to keep focused on one or two things per trip. No meanderings through the Air and Space Museum or National Galleries. Tonight we visited the Washington Monument and the WW2 Memorial. Riding the Metro is alwys exciting for me as I really love the large coffered ceilings at the downtown stations. We got off at the Smithsonian and headed west.  The sun came down quickly so we lost the light fast. The Mall is so big that you can't just run all over the place to try to get multiple shots. So you take what you can and then enjoy yourself. Metro Station at the Smithsonian  Washington Monument

WW2 Memorial  WW2 Memorial and Washington Monument