Link your way to information

It’s interesting to track how your research into a topic can lead to more information and opportunities. In a copy of the ASMP magazine that I got at the PDN Summit, there was an article on managing your business by Leslie Burns-Dell’Acqua with a link to her site, . Strange name for a site on photography business consulting, but while I was there I found a wealth of information and free articles on the business of photography. Interestingly enough I opted in to be on Leslie’s email list by sending an email. She contacted me and asked for more info about me. This was a VERY clever way of getting to know everyone, kinda like qualifying a lead. I sent her my pbase and Photographers for Freedom links, then she responded with some interest in the PFF concept. Good for me. I ended up with some good advice from Leslie on promoting the PFF program, and am motivated to go out and do it. I then went to Leslie’s blog and started reading it. She had a link to a presentation given at the TED conference on success. Good stuff. Now that I found the TED site, there is a ton of stuff here that can be useful to creative types. So it goes on and on.