Sales meeting = photo ops in Mexico

  I was fortunate enough to go to our annual sales meeting in Cancun. We stayed at an all inclusive resort and the place was fabulous! I mean talk about opulance and excess. This afforded the opportunity to photograph two Mayan sites of major significance:


Tullum - Tullum is a Mayan city by the shore, and about 1.5 hours from Cancun. We took an afternoon bus ride out to the site. As you can see by my experience here and Chichen-Itza (below), I was thoroughly bummed out by the lack of time for photography. We ended up with about an hours time. I did a lot of running around and snapping. I’ll be back


Chichen-Itza - One of the 7 wonders of the modern world, this was an incredible site. I signed up for the bus tour which left the resort at 7:30 am. We rode in a van to a designated point on the side of the road and we pulled off onto the shoulder to wait for the big bus. Once loaded on the ride was over 2 hours, stopping for a potty break. Unfortunately once we got there we did the guided tour and were left with less than an hour to take pictures. For me this was a disaster, so I focused on one area and had to make some choices fast. I covered the big pyramid but essentially missed the rest of the city. This is a must return site as I really do love this stuff. There are 2-3 hotels within the park boundaries, so I’ll be back. Note that in November it was still quite warm, so in the summer the heat and sun must be stifling.