Snow day in Prospect Park

Brooklyn snow stormOn Feb 25 it snowed in NYC. I mean we got 20 inches. In nearby Brooklyn things were pretty socked-in. Cars were covered, schools closed, and no one was going anywhere. We ventured out from the apartment in Park Slope to Prospect Park where winter was in full swing. People were having a blast, sledding and skiing and just enjoying the day. It was a great time to commiserate with the trees and I took advantage of it. There are over 150 species of trees in the park so it was a big treat for me to be there in such unique conditions. My tour started at the north entrance and proceeded along West Drive, then across Long Meadow and at that point I started wandering south. The snow was very deep in places (over a foot) and I followed whatever trail I could find. The sun was peeking in and out and I just kept walking knowing that at a certain point I should hit a roadway. Well, the parks in NY are rather large and I probably didn't realize that walking a few miles in the deep snow would be quite the workout. I was carrying two camera bodies, one with my 24-70 and the other with a 70-200. Needless to say the camera bag strap (a Think Tank Urban Disguise 50) began to dig into my shoulder...ouch! Luckily I did not have my tripod to lug around. I think I ended up walking about 6 miles that day. When it started to get dark I had a little bit of panic. The snow started coming down hard and there were less and less people around. Could I actually get lost in an urban park? I saw some buildings in the distance and headed towards the lights. I popped out at 9th Street and Prospect Park West, about 15 blocks away from the apartment. At least I knew where I was now. And did I say it was getting cold? 

Prospect Park - lost in the snow

The trees covered in wet snow were magical to me. As the sky darkened and snow began to fall I experienced a calm peacefulness enveloping the entire area. In the middle of Brooklyn I found a sanctuary. Now I have to find my way home.

A snowy tree gallery is in the works...stay tuned.