Twilight Zone at Coney Island

Coney Island I have never been to Coney Island so what better time than in the dead of the winter after a snowstorm? I took the Q train from Brooklyn and it takes you all the way to Coney Island at the end of the line. It's hard to realize that Brooklyn actually has a beach! There were a few tourists and locals milling around. Then comes this bare chested guy running towards the ocean. I asked him if he was going in and he said after a little run. Believe me it was cold out there.


Coney Island is a strange place especially when it is devoid of people. The booths were boarded up and the dilapidated rides looked as if they hadn't been used in years. Tacky hand painted signs call you to buy food and rides. Yes this place has an ambiance of its own. When I arrived the clouds were still low and gray. There was a stiff breeze which seemed to add to the arresting discomfort of the place. I expected some weird experience to happen at any time, like a deranged clown emerging from one of the roll up doors or a body falling from the roller coaster.  Yikes!


After about 2 hours the skies cleared and the sun emerged. The snow began to melt and all was bright and clear. The line at Nathan's was long and I decided to head back into town. It's worth another trip, maybe when the rides are open.